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What We Do For Owners

PureGen Power acquires operating solar power plants of all sizes, ages and operating performance in the U.S. and Canada.

Our people and process generate powerful results

Case study: home for a non-core asset

The Opportunity:

When an owner needed to sell a non-core vintage solar plant quickly and simply, PureGen Power met it with a fast and easy transaction. Though the plant had some minor bumps and scratches, PureGen Power saw its potential and made a compelling offer.

The Solution:

After a short initial evaluation, a two-week diligence period and creative solutions to missing seller documents, the transaction was ready to close in less than 60 days.

The Outcome:

The site host and PPA offtaker enjoyed a smooth transition resulting in a happy seller and happy offtaker.

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Why Sell?

Solar asset ownership may seem easy at first, with expectations of “sunshine in and money out.” But as assets age, owners take on much more risk and far less return. And that’s just the beginning.

  • Tax benefits that helped justify projects are all but gone by the sixth year of operation
  • Performance declines while operating costs increase — creating less revenue for owners
  • Risk increases as equipment ages, causing unplanned outages and potential insurance or warranty claims
  • Value of cash flows declines as interest rates increase
  • Noncore assets can become a distraction to owners and impede profits due to project size, capital needs and administrative requirements
  • The older the plant, the greater the liability for decommissioning
  • Older plants require more internal bandwidth to manage, distracting employees from more profitable activities

Capital from existing project sales can be recycled into new developments and projects. Selling your operating assets can be a fast and easy way to generate cash now.

Why PureGen Power?

PureGen Power acquires operating solar assets of all sizes, ages and quality in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Owners who want to monetize the value of operating plants get competitive pricing and cash on closing
  • We streamline due diligence and complete transactions quickly and fairly with a goal of 60 days from term sheet to transaction
  • Owners won’t be penalized for the wear and tear that come with owning and maintaining a solar power plant
  • Our committed capital is available when needed
  • With more than 4 GW of operating solar experience, we’ve seen just about every ownership structure that exists — complex structures don’t scare us
  • We believe in treating our business partners with respect and working transparently and honestly

Are you a large portfolio owner, investment banker or consultant with a formal sale process? Please include PureGen Power.

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