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Clean Power and Exceptional Performance

At PureGen Power, we passionately pursue clean power. In fact, we think 100% clean power is possible in our lifetime.

  • We purchase solar power plants and operate them better than ever.
  • We invest in improvements that extend solar power plant life and optimize performance in order to get the most from existing clean power infrastructure.
  • We reward investors with exceptional returns and save precious natural resources for future generations.

Work With Us

Financial Investors

  • Earn superior returns
  • Invest in low-risk infrastructure
  • Accelerate the transition to clean energy

Solar Plant Owners

  • Monetize asset valuation
  • Benefit from streamlined due diligence
  • Capitalize on fast transaction completion

Delivering Results

Proven operations expertise

We optimize the performance, profitability and value of operating solar power plants.

Outstanding financial performance

We deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns to investors.

Streamlined acquisition process

Our efficient approach allows solar power plant owners to realize the value of their investment quickly and easily.

Strategy and vision powered by real-world expertise

More than 50 years of combined experience developing, financing and operating global solar projects drives the PureGen Power team’s ability to identify, acquire and improve solar power plants. Through hard work, ingenuity, innovation and excellence, we are determined to make clean power ubiquitous and affordable for all.

Let's Talk

Find out more about how you can benefit — and how together, we can make the world a better place.